Are you looking for a place in Poland where you will spend a successful weekend. Then one of the best solutions is Wroclaw. The attractions of this city are suitable for everyone – both adults and children. In addition, the charm of Wroclaw, as well as numerous bridges and monuments, even encourage walks and admire the area. Find out what is worth seeing in this city and spend a really special time there.

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6 must-see attractions of Wroclaw

On each street corner, there are other monuments that make Wroclaw one of the prettiest cities in Poland. The attractions will delight you, but also make it impossible for you to decide on places worth visiting during your weekend trip. That is why we have prepared a short sheet for you, thanks to it you will certainly not miss any important place, and at the same time you will visit the most important attractions of Wroclaw.

Market Square in Wroclaw

Start your visit to the capital of Lower Silesia from one of the landmarks of this city, i.e. the market square. The neighborhood is really charming – after all, you will find over 60 historic tenement houses there, as well as many restaurants and cafes. As a result, you can simply sit down with a cup of coffee in your hand at any time and admire the wonderful surroundings during this short break. Be sure to also find a moment to visit the late Gothic town hall, because it is an example of a really interestingly designed building.

The market square in Wroclaw also abounds in other unique attractions, including:

  • statues of dwarfs, e.g. Papa Dwarf,
  • Aleksander Fredro monument,
  • “Pan Tadeusz” museum,
  • the gothic basilica of St. Elizabeth,
  • the most famous Wrocław tenement houses: Hansel and Gretel, under the Griffins, under the Golden Pitcher and under the Seven Electors.

Panorama of the Battle of Raclawice

While in Wroclaw, you have to see another famous attraction of this city, i.e. the largest painting that exists in Poland. Its size is really impressive because it is 15 meters high and 114 meters long. The painting shows the Battlefield of Raclawice, and its size means that you can spend a lot of time browsing the individual fragments. The authors of this cannon included a lot of important information on it, and at the same time they took care of adding numerous details that make observing this image even more pleasant.

National Museum in Wroclaw

Not only the interior of the National Museum in Wroclaw impresses with its uniqueness, but also its architecture. Therefore, before looking at the exhibits, take a moment to see this neo-Renaissance building in a truly picturesque area – on the southern riverside of the Odra river. When you saturate your eyes with interesting landscapes, set off to meet history. The museum is rich in exhibits from various eras, because the collection includes about 200,000 paintings, sculptures, etc. – most of them come from Lower Silesia or the surrounding areas. However, you’ll also find works from European creators.

When visiting this attraction of Wroclaw, be sure to pay attention to the most famous exhibits, including:

  • tombstones of Silesian princes from the Piast dynasty – among them, the Gothic tombstone of Prince Henry IV Probus stands out,
  • Pieta from 1400,
  • sculpture “Madonna in Lions”,
  • the painting “Holy Trinity from Świerzawa” from the 14th century,
  • the painting by Jan Matejko “Vows of Jan Kazimierz” from 1893,
  • the painting by Agnolo Bronzino “Madonna with Child and St. Jan “from the 16th century.

Wroclaw Tours – visit the city

Hall of the century

In Poland, only 15 sites have been entered on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Among them you will find the Centennial Hall, which is perceived as one of the most important works of world architecture of the 20th century. Besides, it is a very important symbol of Wrocław. The attraction is definitely distinguished by its style and size, as it is 42 meters high. Currently, the building hosts numerous exhibitions and cultural events.

Japanese Garden in Wrocław

Really unique green areas – it is they that often attract tourists to Wrocław. If you are a lover of such places, go on a tour of the Japanese Garden. You will be amazed by exotic plants, fish and birds, as well as interesting architecture. Thanks to this, after a while you will feel as if you have moved to the Far East. Especially wooden platforms encourage you to rest for a while and enjoy the wonderful landscapes, so sit by the pond and you will quickly gain energy for further exploring. In such a place, you can easily forget that you are in the city center, because the calming sound of water and the singing of birds ensure complete relaxation.

Zoo Wrocław and Afrykarium

For many years, one of the most important points on the map of Wrocław’s attractions has been the local zoo with the Africarium. You will find many animals there, including representatives of endangered species. In addition, you will gain an undoubted opportunity to get to know the fauna and flora of Africa even better. Additionally, this place has been designed in a very interesting way, thanks to which the sightseeing itself will arouse many positive emotions in you. Also remember that this attraction will appeal not only to children, but also to adults.

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Wroclaw tours - visit the city
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