Event-Tours travel agency invites you to come and explore the beauty of Kolobrzeg, Poland. Located on the coast of Poland, this city offers many delights, which you can discover in its pristine sand or wonderful views. Experience all Kolobrzeg has to offer while appreciating its local attractions such as monuments and other entertainment too!

This excursion will be a perfect way for you to get away from your busy life and spend some quality time in a place that’s both popular yet undiscovered. Whether it be walking through beautiful parks and exploring nearby hills, or visiting small buildings with significant historical links, this excursion is designed to give you a truly enjoyable experience. Book with Event-Tours and find out why people cannot get enough of Kolobrzeg!

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Welcome to Event-tours travel agency’s Excursion to Kolobrzeg! If you’re looking for an unforgettable trip, you have come to the right place.

Excursion to Kolobrzeg

Kolobrzeg can be considered a pearl of the Baltic Sea – with a unique combination of fascinating attractions and stories. Our guided tour will introduce you to all the wonderful sights full of history and culture of this stunning city. After admiring one of the oldest lighthouse in Poland, we will also explore the bustling, modern sea port as well as the classic Pier with its captivating views.

Afterwards, take a deep dive into old-town Kolobrzeg and learn about its glorious past as we visit monuments such as The Monument to Nurse, The Monument to The Marriage of Poland to the Sea – and even take a 30-minute boat cruise on the Baltic Sea! This real adventure is an ideal way to get familiar with Kolobrzeg and all it has to offer – from its breathtaking landscapes to its rich history.

Join us at Event-tours travel agency for our amazing excursion at Kołobrzeg and discover why it is rightly called the Pearl of Baltic Sea!

Hortulus Theme Gardens in Dobrzyca

Kołobrzeg is a really interesting place, but when visiting this area, you don’t have to limit yourself only to local attractions. After all, you will find other places around that have a lot to offer. Pay particular attention to the Hortulus Thematic Gardens – there you will certainly relax perfectly, but also have a pleasant time. We guarantee that you will not be bored when visiting this place – after all, it has as many as 28 different gardens. Each of them has a different style, and among them you will find a Japanese, French, Mediterranean and Antonio Gaudi-inspired garden.

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