The most interesting attractions of Lodz – an idea for a weekend getaway!
Lodz is one of the largest cities in Poland – delighting with interesting monuments and original landscapes. Many people have not noticed the tourist potential of this place yet – are you also part of this group? So it’s time to change your mind and get to know the attractions of Lodz that will simply charm you! After all, it’s the perfect location for a short break. Check out what to see in this city during a city break.

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Why is it worth visiting Lodz?

For many years, Lodz has fought the opinion of a gray industrial city. However, you don’t have to wait for the way you see this place changes. In the end, you can find out for yourself – all you have to do is go on a few-day trip to b. You will surely like the attractions of this city. Besides, pay attention to its inviting location. The location in central Poland makes it a great point for further trips. In fact, within 2-3 hours you can get to many of the largest cities in Poland to continue your discoveries there. However, not only the location is a huge advantage of Lodz. Also pay attention to the interesting architecture that gives this place its unique atmosphere. You just won’t find it in any other Polish city. An additional advantage is the fact that more and more buildings from the 19th century are being restored.
Note that since 1999, Lodz belongs to the Réseau Art Nouveau Network, i.e. to the famous association of cities with many Art Nouveau monuments.

Attractions of Łódź – 6 places worth visiting

Museum of Modern Art

Without a doubt, when visiting Lodz, you must see MS2 – Museum of Modern Art. After all, it is one of the most important symbols of this city, and above all, a signpost of the direction in which it is currently headed. In addition, the works on the three floors of this building also attract attention. Of course, the most important items here are the exhibits – they will not disappoint you. Even if you are not a fan of contemporary art, individual installations or works carry a tangible message.
The great value of the Museum of Modern Art, which is located in Lodz, is not only the external architecture, but also the enormous space. Thanks to this, you will gain the privacy you need when contacting art.


Of course, Manufactura is one of the most famous places in Lodz today. This is where the heart of this city beats, and the investment carried out certainly made it splendid. Although you may associate Manufactura with a shopping center, you should be aware that there are many more attractions of L there. After all, Manufactura is a complex of many buildings that have been restored and are now distinguished by red brick and great architecture. You need a lot of time to see this place, because in Manufactura there are numerous shops, a cinema, several museums, a hotel and climbing walls. Additionally, you can take advantage of seasonal entertainment such as an ice rink or a beach. These attractions of Lodz will surely provide you with many positive impressions!

Lodz green areas

You will stop seeing Lodz as an industrial city as soon as you discover its green areas. After all, there are over 30 parks there! Most of them were founded on the initiative of factory owners who opened them for their employees. Thanks to this, you will definitely find a place where you will not only rest, but also spend your free time actively and take a break from the city noise. If you want to visit the natural attractions of Lodz, be sure to go to the Lagiewniki forest – it is one of the largest forest complexes in Europe, located within the city limits! You will find particularly picturesque landscapes near numerous ponds.

The EC1 Planetarium in Lodz

Do you like staring or maybe you have an explorer’s soul? Then you will surely like this attraction of Łódź! Of course, we are talking about the EC1 Planetarium, which boasts the title of the most modern building of this type in Poland. All this is due to the dome with a diameter of 18 meters, where a spherical screen with a diameter of 14 meters was placed. These dimensions are really impressive! Also pay attention to the fact that the Planetarium was placed in the first place of the 7 Wonders of Poland, i.e. the ranking prepared by National Geographic.

Off Piotrowska

Off Piotrowska is a truly unconventional place, located in the very center of Lodz. There you will not only take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city, but also eat really well. Simply Off Piotrowska is an interesting complex of renovated post-industrial areas, where atmospheric restaurants have been created. There are also numerous thematic fairs, exhibitions and cultural events.

Radegast station

Some of the attractions of Lodz can take you to the rather dark and dark past of this city. One of them is the Radegast station, a place where thousands of people left for extermination camps. Many of them never returned from there. A monument was erected at the Radegast station to commemorate these people and all victims of the terror of World War II. There is also a small museum nearby, where you will learn even more facts about these events.

Lodz Tours - visit the city
Lodz tours - visit the city
Lodz tours - visit the city
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