Cracow  is not only the former capital of Poland, it is above all one of the most beautiful cities. Amazing architecture, historical places and even charming green corners arouse a lot of positive emotions. Therefore, get to know Cracow’s must-see attractions. This is where the real charm of this unique city lies.
Attractions of Cracow – 7 most important places.

Cracow tours - visit the city


Attractions of Krakow – 7 most important places

Wawel’s Hill

They will be in Krakow, you must visit Wawel’s Hill – it is one of the most important symbols not only of this former capital, but also of the whole of Poland. This is where subsequent rulers lived over the years. Once you visit Wawel’s Hill, start from the Royal Castle, see the Sigismund Tower, and then go to the Cathedral Basilica of St. Stanislaus and St. Wenceslas. There you will find many remains from the golden times of this place. Besides, you will surely admire this original architecture. Also note that Wawel’s Hill has been inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List, which further emphasizes the uniqueness of this place.

Dragon’s Den

You surely know the legend of the Wawel Dragon very well, and when you visit the Dragon’s Lair, you will start to believe in the truth of this story. Are you curious about this place? So, while still at Wawel, take a look at the Dragon’s Den. This attraction of Cracow is truly amazing. The limestone cave not only stimulates the imagination, but also impresses with its size – it is 270 meters long, of which you can visit 81 meters. When entering the cave, also pay attention to the statue of the Wawel Dragon, which dates from 1972.

St. Mary’s Church

Another important, and even legendary place that you must visit in Cracow is St. Mary’s Church. This is where you will hear the famous bugle call. However, this church will also delight you with its monumental appearance. Two different towers are particularly noteworthy – the fact that they have a different height makes the building even more characteristic. Besides, it is a good place to start your visit to Cracow. If you have more time, check out the interior of this temple as well. Although the church is in a really busy place, you will feel a completely different atmosphere there. This impression is intensified by the swirls – on a sunny day, multicolored light flows through them.

Main Market Square in Cracow

The central point of Cracow, especially its historical part, is the Main Square. This is an important attraction that you cannot miss! His plan was laid out as early as 1257. In addition, the Royal Route runs through it, i.e. one of the most important communication routes, leading from the Florian gate to the Wawel Royal Castle. However, this attraction of Cracow is not only a former important communication point. Above all, it is a real showcase of this city. It is also worth paying attention to the size of the Cracow’s market – it is one of the largest squares of this type in Europe! In addition, there are numerous monuments, such as Wawel’s Hill, the Cloth Hall and St. Mary’s Church. Also, allow yourself a short walk to take a closer look at the charming tenement houses there.


Kazimierz is undoubtedly one of the most characteristic districts of Cracow. In the past, this place was inhabited by Jews, so be sure to visit the local synagogues and cemeteries. However, you will get to know the true atmosphere of this place only when you just go for a walk along the charming alleys. Then you will surely fall in love with interesting tenement houses, cozy pubs and atmospheric restaurants.

Hall called Sukiennice

In the Middle Ages, the Hall called Sukiennice was primarily a market, i.e. one of the most important places for local traders. However, it is currently one of the most characteristic buildings, which has become another symbol and attraction of Cracow. There you can not only buy souvenirs, but most of all visit a gallery of Polish 19th century art. However, the highlight of this building is the Museum of the Underground Market – be sure to check it out, and you will not regret the time you spend there. Although the interior of the Cloth Hall is very interesting, its exterior also deserves attention. After all, it is one of the most beautiful buildings in Cracow. Colors, intricate stucco or magnificent columns – each of these elements will surely delight you, but you will also want to capture in the camera object.

Florian gate

Until the 19th century, the Old Town of Cracow was surrounded by a huge wall and a moat. However, the building was finally demolished. Currently, you can admire its remains, the most important of which is the Florian Gate. Also nearby is the famous Barbican, a waltz-shaped fortress that dates back to the Middle Ages. It’s just that this neighborhood is teeming with life, and allows you to touch the true history. If you want to get away from the crowds a bit, instead of taking a walk along Floriańska Street, choose smaller streets, for example Tomasz. Thanks to this, you will still be able to soak up the atmosphere and atmosphere of the historical parts of Cracow, and at the same time create a more intimate atmosphere.

Cracow tours - visit the City
Cracow tours - visit the city
Cracow tours
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