History has not always been kind to the Polish capital. Therefore, at every step you can see traces of warfare or simply buildings that have been completely reconstructed. Thanks to this, you can feel the atmosphere of this city even better. Despite the difficult past, you can see the beauty of the capital. Therefore, find out what attractions of Warsaw are worth seeing and fall in love with this unique city.

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6 must see attractions in Warsaw.

Being in the capital, you can easily adjust the itinerary to your personal preferences and age, which is especially important for families with children. Thanks to this, you will definitely spend an intense time there, but you will also get to know Warsaw perfectly. We will help you to visit all the most important places in the capital. So do not hesitate any longer what attractions of Warsaw are worth seeing, just use our list.

Market Square and Old Town

You must start your sightseeing of Warsaw with a walk around the Old Town, as well as visiting the Market Square. You will surely feel the unmistakable atmosphere of this city there, and colorful tenement houses will captivate you. However, remember that the original buildings in the Old Town were almost completely destroyed during World War II. Only after its completion, the Market Square was rebuilt. We assure you that you won’t notice the difference while walking, because the place has been truly faithfully restored. Stop for a moment at one of the symbols of Warsaw, i.e. next to the Warsaw Mermaid monument.

The Royal Castle and the Castle Square

Another interesting attraction of Warsaw is the Royal Castle, which is distinguished by its size and the distinctive color of the facade. Like the Old Town, the Royal Castle was destroyed as a result of warfare, and then thoroughly restored. The history of the original building dates back to the 12th century, when it was inhabited by the dukes of Mazovia. Nowadays, there are numerous museum exhibitions inside, thanks to which you will learn more about the reconstruction process of the Royal Castle.
At the end of your tour of the Royal Castle, take a stroll around the Castle Square, where the renowned Sigismund III Vasa Column is located. Besides, charming cafes and tenement houses will certainly encourage you to get to know the area thoroughly.

Warsaw tours – discover the capital of Poland.

Palace of Culture and Science

A real symbol of post-war Warsaw that you simply must see – it is, of course, the Palace of Culture and Science. The building was built in the 1960s and was a gift from the Soviet people to Poland. The architectural style of this place contrasts with the modern and dynamically developing Śródmieście. That is why the building evokes a lot of extreme emotions – some people love it and others hate it, so be sure to check what you will feel when you see the Palace of Culture and Science. During the tour, go to the 30th floor where there is a viewpoint from where you can see the area. Interesting cultural events and exhibitions are also held inside the building. So if you have time, be sure to check it out.

Krakowskie Przedmieście

Warsaw is the seat of the President of Poland, so visit the Presidential Palace. The neighborhood is one of the most representative streets in the city, where you will find numerous restaurants, cafes and designer stores. In addition, Krakowskie Przedmieście is an exceptionally charming place, which even encourages you to take a short break to take a few commemorative photos. The real focal point of this area is the Presidential Palace, as well as the statue of Prince Józef Poniatowski. In addition, the Hotel Europejski and Bristol are located in the vicinity – be sure to go check if they really impress with their luxury.

Royal bathroom

The summer residence of King Stanisław August Poniatowski, i.e. Royal Bathroom, is the perfect place for a moment of relaxation and a peaceful stroll through the gardens. There you will find many interesting places and lots of classical monuments. Thanks to this, you will have a break from the hustle and bustle of the city, but also see a really beautiful and charming place. An additional attraction are the animals walking in the garden, which will surely appeal not only to children, but also to adults. If you are really tired of sightseeing, just take advantage of the sunbathing area and enjoy the unique surroundings. If you are still wondering what attractions in Warsaw are worth seeing, be sure to include Royal Bathroom on your list, because you will spend a really good time there.

PGE National Stadium

Although this point of the trip depends primarily on your preferences, it is worth visiting the National Stadium. This distinctive building is a true symbol of contemporary Warsaw architecture, and due to its white and red colors, it stands out from the surrounding area. During the trip, you can not only feel the real atmosphere of this place, but also visit the players’ changing room, VIP box, media stand, and also see the stadium’s pitch up close. An important element is also a viewpoint, from which there is a wonderful view of the surrounding area, and it is really picturesque due to the proximity of the Wisla River.

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Warsaw tours - discover the capital of Poland
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