One of the most beautiful regions in Poland is the Gdansk. There you will find a lot of interesting monuments, you can admire the wonderful architecture, but also enjoy the charms of seaside towns. Therefore, be sure to spend more time exploring Gdansk, Gdynia and Sopot. Use our list of attractions in the Tri-City and you will surely enjoy a successful trip.

Gdansk tour -visit the city


What attractions of the Tri-City are worth visiting?

While in the Tri-City, you can see a variety of attractions that will appeal to both adults and children. Therefore, it is an ideal region for weekend or longer family trips. We guarantee that you will not be bored there, and that you will learn about the history of Poland even better and you will have a great rest. After all, the attractions of the Tri-City are not only great monuments, but also beautiful beaches that attract with fine sand and wonderful views. For this reason, be sure to take a short walk along the seashore. When you get bored of it, go on a sightseeing tour, and then our list of the most important attractions of the Tri-City will definitely come in handy.

Long Market in Gdansk

A beautiful area full of charming tenement houses, and an undoubted atmosphere that wins hearts – that’s why you will love the Long Market in Gdansk, which is one of the most important attractions of the Tri-City. There you will find not only street musicians, souvenir stalls, but also many restaurants, cafes and pubs. Be sure to visit them when you see the magnificent tenement houses located along Dluga Street. Pay particular attention to the magnificent Gdansk town hall, as well as the Renaissance Ferber’s House and the Lion Castle, i.e. buildings from the 16th century. The intricate wall decorations will surely delight you. Especially since each tenement house has its own style and character.
When visiting Long Market and Dluga Street, you must also pay attention to the Green Gate, which is the perfect ending to the Royal Route. This building also impresses with decorations, and at the same time emphasizes the unique style of this place.
Also, do not forget to pay attention to the true symbol of Gdansk, and even the whole waterfront, i.e. the Neptune Fountain, which is located near the town hall.


Gdansk is a unique city not only in terms of architecture, but also history and importance for Poland. Therefore, be sure to visit the place that is a true symbol of our country’s past, namely Westerplatte. Although you will not find interesting buildings or flashy attractions there, this area, the inscription “No more war!”, The cemetery and the Monument to the Defenders of Westerplatte will surely evoke a lot of emotions in you. So just take a moment to see this place, contemplate and just realize how many horrible things have happened in these areas.

European Solidarity Center

When you think about Gdansk, you certainly also remember the activity of Solidarity. There is an institute in the city – the European Solidarity Center. Be sure to visit this attraction in Tricity, due to interesting exhibitions, including a room with tables of 21 postulates. In addition, the institute was established to exchange views on the problems of social justice, which is a very interesting initiative. Outside, pay attention to the nearby Monument to the Fallen Shipyard Workers.


Oliwa is one of the most beautiful districts of Gdansk. There you will find many attractions of the Tri-City, which are not only unique, but also unique in terms of architecture and history. You must start your tour from the famous Oliwa Cathedral, which impresses with its appearance and its rococo organ. Before your journey, check when the organ concert is taking place, and then you will be able to see how beautiful the sounds this instrument produces.
When visiting Oliwa, take a walk in the stunning Oliwa Park. On its premises there is not only a palm house, but also many charming nooks that invite you to walk and admire nature.

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Gdansk tours – visit the city

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Gdansk tour - visit the city
Gdansk tour - visit the city
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