Get to know a part of the beautiful Polish Baltic Sea coast on this trip and let yourself be enchanted by the charm of the seaside resorts and cities.  We invite you to visit the land known in Poland as “Kashubian Switzerland”. There is a piece of land completely different from the rest of Poland. Small avenues with little traffic lead past old farmsteads and dreamy villages. Experience Poland on this trip in a way that couldn’t be more beautiful.

Excursion Gdansk and Polish Pomerania is a proposal for all those seeking travel experiences in the beautiful country of Poland.

Gdansk and Polish Pomerania



Day 1: Szczecin and arrival in Gdansk.

The journey leads us first to Szczecin, where we explore the city on a guided tour. Then we continue to the Kashubes to our hotel.

Day 2: Shifting dune Leba-Poland’s Desert

After breakfast we drive to the Slowinski National Park. Here is the great shifting dune – Poland’s Desert. Similar to the Curonian Spit, the UNESCO biosphere reserve is separated from the sea by an isthmus. The up to 42m high shifting dunes extend 20km along the coast. From the peaks of the dunes you can see glittering lakes and forests. In the afternoon the next natural wonder awaits us. The Hel Peninsula is a Mecca for nature lovers. Here we visit the village of Jastarnia and can watch the fishermen go about their business in the picturesque little harbor.

Day 3: Gdansk-Sopot-Gdynia

Our excursion takes us via the port city of Gdynia to the glamorous seaside resort of Sopot. There is a beautiful promenade and the longest wooden lake bridge in Europe. Then we visit Gdansk with its unsurpassable charm of an old, rich Hanseatic city. The heart of the city is the Royal Route, which leads from the Great Gate to the Long Market. Here we see the Artus Court, the Neptune Fountain and the City Hall. The St. Mary’s Church – the largest brick church in the world – is the symbol of the city and just as well known in the cityscape is the wooden crane gate. Then we visit an amber cutting shop and taste the famous Goldwasser liqueur. A visit to the cathedral in Oliwa with a small organ concert is also on our program (depending on the event).


Day 4: Malbork and Elblag Canal

Malbork, where we visit the sight of the city, the castle of the same name, is our first destination of the day. It is one of the mightiest secular buildings of the Middle Ages. Then it goes on to the Elblag Canal. It is a monument with an interesting route. It is the only canal in the world to contain functioning technical devices such as sloping levels, locks and weirs. Look forward to a special boat trip on rails with inclined planes.

Day 5: Kashubian Switzerland

Today we go to the land called in Poland as a Kashubian Switzerland – known for its lakes, hills and endless mixed forests. In the village of Chmielno we visit the ceramics center, which is privately owned and where pottery has been made for many generations. The whole region is known for its traditional costumes and folklore, which is still alive here. We can find out more about this at the Kashubian Folklore Museum in Kartuzy. In addition to pipes and snuff boxes, many other testimonies to the craft tradition of the Kashubians are exhibited here.

Day 6: After breakfast, check out in the hotel and travel back to home.

Price: on request – contact with the agency

Price included:

  • Accomodation in hotels 4* (four stars hotels cathegory).
  • Rooms: TWIN double rooms – separate beds, shower/bathroom/WC incl.
  • 5 x overnight stays
  • 5 x breakfast buffet
  • 5 x dinner as a 3-course menu or buffet
  • City tour in Szczecin
  • Excursion to the shifting dunes in Leba with a tour guide
  • Ride with the electric train to the shifting dunes
  • Entry fee to the Slowinski National Park
  • Excursion to Kashubian Switzerland with a tour guide
  • Entrance fee to the ceramic center in Chmielno
  • Entry fee to the Kashubian Museum in Kartuzy
  • City tour in Gdynia and Sopot
  • City tour in Gdansk
  • Visit to the amber cutting shop
  • Goldwasser liqueur tasting
  • Entrance fee to the Oliwa Cathedral with organ concert (depending on the event)
  • Excursion to Malbork and the Elblag Canal with a tour guide
  • Entrance fee and guided tour in the Malbork
  • Shipping on the Elblag Canal with rolling mountains
  • Tourist tax
  • VAT tax.
  • Insurance.
  • Audio-guide system.

Price not included:

  • Accomodation in other Hotels cathegory – price on request.
  • Own expenses, e.g. souvenirs, tips and others.
  • The cost of renting a bus or coach.
  • Road and parking fees.
  • We can offer a bus or coach rental service – price on request

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Gdansk and Polish Pomerania

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Gdansk and Polish Pomerania
Gdansk and Polish Pomerania
Gdansk and Polish Pomerania
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