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Event-tours. Tour operator from Poland.

Poland has a quite demanding market in area of tourism, so looking for the right tour operator or travel agency that will adequately reflect your idea of ​​a dream vacation in Poland may turn out to be a real challenge. A good tour operator is primarily characterized by experienced employees, whom our company does not lack and which our company can boast about. Szczecin is a city that is the capital of the West Pomeranian Voivodeship and this is where our tour operator is located. Traveling is our passion, we have taken part in many trips, it is also about one-day trips in Poland as their participants, which is why we are aware of what our clients expect from the services we provide. We prepare each offer, putting all our heart, acquired knowledge and reliability into it, and this is something that distinguishes our company from other companies. Poland, or more precisely, its inhabitants, as well as people from other countries, as it was said before, are well aware that we are able to implement even the most difficult ideas of our clients, we are able to find dream hotels in every corner of Poland.

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Our tour operator’s policy.

We listen to the needs and expectations of organized trips, thus suggesting the best ideas to the client, which has a significant impact, among others on the trust our tour operator enjoys. Szczecin is a city with the seat of our company, where our employees operate at high speed, who also have great enthusiasm for work, thanks to which they are able to reach for unconventional solutions, and all this for the satisfaction of our customers in terms of offering them the best possible trip. If you are looking for professional service that will be fully responsible for your trip, it is both a few-day trips in Poland and one-day trips in Poland, at every stage, you will find it at our tour operator based in one of the most interesting Polish cities, what Szczecin is. One-day and multi-day trips are really your idea, and our only task is to implement it. If you decide to use the services that our tourist office from Szczecin has to offer, you can be sure that you will not be treated as a tape. We approach each of our clients very individually, analyzing their needs and expectations regarding the planned holidays, which, as you know, cannot be done by all tourist offices operating on the market. Poland is a country with a number of different tour operators, but only ours can guarantee its customers a high level of satisfaction with the services they use. With us, the client has an impact on every stage of his trip, also when deciding to use solutions such as the above-mentioned one-day trips in Poland. Starting with a trip to your dream place, through the choice of accommodation, as well as visited places and watched attractions, because in the end you should remember that this is what decent trips consist of. By giving the customer the opportunity to choose, we do not avoid responsibility for the trip, but we give him the opportunity to spend his holidays according to his idea, and as you know, not every company can do it. Poland is a country where each of our employees offers advice and assistance to the client when creating a new offer. However, it does not impose its own arguments or solutions that may turn out to be easier for our tour operator, which in many cases can or do other tour operators operating on the market. Poland, or more precisely, the office that has its headquarters is responsible only for providing each trip, also when it comes to one-day trips in Poland, full safety and appropriate care during the entire vacation. Each of our guides is characterized by an extraordinary passion for traveling, he can, and most importantly, likes to tell interesting stories about the places he sees, so you can be sure that you will learn as much as possible about the attractions you visit.

Customer trust always above profit,

this is the motto of our tourist office. Poland is a country where we have been operating in the tour organization industry for over 22 years, and we have been creating our own brand together for 8 years. During this time, we learned that what matters most is the customer’s trust in our competences and services, which is why we care about good relations with our clients, not only in our city, which is Szczecin. The trips that we have offered and organized so far have allowed us to create and promote our own tourist office. The professionalism and integrity with which our employees from the office located in Poland is also contributed to this. One-day and multi-day trips offered by our tourist office are organized at the highest possible level. Therefore, we believe that a customer satisfied with our services is the best advertisement for us, and thus is able to recommend the offer and services we provide. Poland, or more precisely, our employees who are employed in the office located there assume that nothing is impossible for them. Always smiling and positive about the tasks entrusted to them, they will find the best solution for the most demanding customers. Another important feature of our tour operator is the transparency of each activity and offer, thus offering them the best multi-day trips in Poland or one-day trips from any city in Poland. In order to satisfy each client, we present him with the facts about our services, which are various types of trips. We do not colorize, we do not show unreal photos, we do not promise something that is not there. Which may be the case with another tour operator. Poland, at the moment, it is about customers from that country, as well as customers from all over Europe, who deciding on our offer can be sure that at the destination of the trip they will find exactly what they saw in the folder. We are available to the client at every stage of the order, more precisely, organizing the trip.

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Knowledge and competences supported by references.

Realizing the importance of reliable and fast communication with the client, we answer every e-mail and answer every call. Therefore, it can be said that we are constantly ready to act, help and advise as a tourist office. In addition, customers can also visit our tourist office at any time, of course during office hours. Poland, and more precisely, customers from that country and beyond, can count on us at any time during the trip. Our knowledge and competences are supported by references. When we talk about the competences, experience and knowledge of our employees, we do not throw words into the wind. Poland, where our headquarters are located, and in which city, each of the consultants, tour managers or office employees employed by us has the appropriate education and regularly improves their competences by taking part in industry training. The trips we have organized so far in Poland, including one-day trips in Poland, have resulted in the fact that our tour operator can boast of the fact that every year our services are decided by about 6,000 people.

We comprehensively and professionally carry out individual trips, but also send school groups, excursion groups and other organized groups on holidays, using e.g. services such as multi-day trips all over Poland or one-day trips all over Poland, which has a significant impact on the overall attractiveness of the offer that our office has to offer to its clients. Poland, and more precisely, the inhabitants of the said country are not the only source that can testify to the high quality of our services. In fact, you can also see the high-quality services of our tour operator from Poland by visiting the profile of our tourist office on Facebook, or by reading Google reviews, which have been accredited and written not only by Polish residents. Tours organized by our tourist office are fully legal and safe, because we have a license to provide tourist services in Poland and all over Europe, which is confirmed by the sign of the Register of Tourism Organizers, which can be verified at the Marshal’s Office of the West Pomeranian Voivodeship. The credibility of our tour operator can be verified through the website www.turystyka.gov.pl – which lists all tour operators from all over Poland that operate in accordance with the provisions of the Act on package travel and related travel services.